ASME Standards Technology, LLC
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New York, NY 10016

John Koehr, PMP

Telephone: 212-591-8511

James Ramirez
Vice President, Business Development

Telephone: 917-882-6219

Paul D. Cleri, PE
Vice President, Operations

Telephone: 212-591-8386

Active Projects

The projects listed below are representative of the key projects underway at ASME ST-LLC.   In total, ASME ST-LLC manages nearly 40 technology development projects, with approximately 40 subcontracted organizations and 14 different industry and government sponsorship organizations.”

  • SC II - Analysis of Mechanical Data Properties
  • BPVC Section I / B31.1 / B31.3
  • Section VIII Common Rules Development
  • Section II Material Data Analysis
  • ASME NDE Personnel Certification
  • Fusion Roadmap
  • Section I Modernization
  • Materials Database Development
  • SDO Convergence Board
  • Quantification of Cooling Rate Effects on Different Duplex Steels Report
  • PED Guides - Updates
  • Local Heating of Piping
  • Testing of Pre-Stressed Concrete Slabs under Impulsive Loading
  • Orifice Flow Coefficient Equation
  • 2015 Code, Phase 1
  • Grade 91 Stress-Strain Curves at Elevated Temperatures
  • Cyclic-Stress-Strain Curves
  • Upgrade Nuclear Fatigue Design Criteria in ASME BP&V Code
  • ASME Table II D Trend Curves
  • Onshore Multi-Wellhead Guidelines
  • Piping System Intervention
  • Yield Strength Values Up to Maximum Temperature Design
  • Joint Efficiency Factor for FRP Pipe
  • Testing of SIF, k-Factor, & Sustained Stress Index Development
  • Automated External Pressure Chart Generation
  • Effects of High Temperature and Fit-Up of Riveted Joints on Steel Rivets
  • External Stress Intensity Factors for Thick Walled Cylinders
  • Update the Criteria Document for Section VIII, Division 3
  • Effect of Ferrite Content on the Mechanical Properties, Corrosion Resistance, and Embrittlement Potential of Duplex Stainless Steel Weld Metals
  • Effect of Hot Wire Filler Metal Addition on GTAW Heat Input for Corrosion-Resistant Overlays and Toughness
  • Enhanced Data & Recordkeeping Requirements for Pipeline Integrity Management (B31.8 & B31.8S)
  • Development of B31.8 Code Language to Address Mechanical & Acoustically Derived Vibration in Compressor Station Piping Systems