ASME Standards Technology, LLC
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Steven Ferguson

Telephone: 212-591-7374

Active Projects

Following are representative key projects underway at ASME ST-LLC. In total, ASME ST-LLC manages nearly 30 technology development projects, with approximately a similar number of subcontracted consultants and contractors, funded by a variety of different industry and government sponsorship organizations.

  • Project 78: Section II Material Data Analysis
  • Project 84: Fusion Roadmap
  • Project 97: Materials Database Development
  • Project 117: SDO Convergence Board
  • Project 137: 2025 Code, Phase 1
  • Project 141: Upgrade Nuclear Fatigue Design Criteria in ASME BPVC
  • Project 143: ASME Table II D Trend Curves
  • Project 147: Joint Efficiency Factor for FRP Pipe
  • Project 148: Testing of SIF, k-Factor, & Sustained Stress Index Development
  • Project 149: Automated External Pressure Chart Generation
  • Project 152: Update the Criteria Document for Section VIII, Division 3
  • Project 153: Effect of Ferrite Content on the Mechanical Properties, Corrosion Resistance, and Embrittlement Potential of Duplex Stainless-Steel Weld Metals
  • Project 156: Development of B31.8 Code Language to Address Mechanical & Acoustically Derived Vibration in Compressor Station Piping Systems
  • Project 157: Toughness Testing for Austenitic Stainless Steels at Liquid Hydrogen and Helium Temperatures
  • Project 158: Local PWHT Thermal Gradient Study
  • Project 160: Elevated Temperature Material Property Compilation for Design-by-Analysis
  • Project 161: Creep-Fatigue Flaw Growth Analysis
  • Project 162: FRP Peel Testing, Phase 2
  • Project 163: Update PTB-3, Example Problem Manual for Section VIII, Div. 2; Update PTB-4, Example Problem Manual for Section VIII, Div. 1
  • Project 164: Update PTB-5, Example Problem Manuals for Section VIII Div. 3
  • Project 165: Bioprocessing Equipment - Cleanability Study of Surface Finish Anomalies
  • Project 166: U.S. DOE Heat Rate Determination Study
  • Project 167: MBD and MBE Gap Analysis in ASME Y14 Series Standards