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Recent Publications

The following publications have been issued within the past year.  For a full portfolio of STPs please click the 'Products" link above or download our Publications list.


Comparison Report on Welding Qualification and Welding Quality Assurance
This publication compares the requirements for welding qualifications and welding quality assurance in major international codes and standards.  This comparison report along with the Code Comparison Report for Class 1 Nuclear Power Plant Components (STP-NU-051-1) published in 2012 by ASME ST-LLC is part of a larger international effort towards harmonization of nuclear pressure-boundary codes and standards.

ASME Code Development Roadmap for HDPE Pipe in Nuclear Service
The objective of the ASME HDPE Roadmap is to develop a strategy for advancing the rules that will govern the technical aspects of the design, installation, operation and inspection of HDPE piping systems in nuclear power plants. This strategy aims to identify gaps, remove roadblocks, facilitate necessary research and resolve concerns.

Code Comparison Report for Class 1 Nuclear Power Plant Components- Revision 1
This report identifies and summarizes the differences between major international nuclear codes and standards for Class 1 equipment; namely those of AFCEN (RCC-M), ASME (Section III), CSA (N-285), JSME (S NC1) and KEA (KEPIC-MN) and  NIKIET (NAE-G7).  ASME Section III was defined as the baseline for the comparison and each of the other Codes were compared to ASME Section III.  Publication Date: December 2012.

Roadmap to Develop ASME Code Rules for the Construction of High Temperature Gas Cooled Reactors (HTGRS)

The Roadmap has been developed as a guide to the R&D and Code development tasks that could be considered in developing rules for High Temperature Gas Cooled Reactors (HTGR).  The primary focus of the Roadmap is on the development of a complete set of rules for the design and operating conditions that are being proposed for the Next Generation Nuclear Plant (NGNP) demonstration unit.  Publication Date: June 30, 2012.

ASME Data Report Forms 
Complete list of forms for Boiler & Pressure Vessel Code Data Report Forms