ASME Standards Technology, LLC
2 Park Avenue
New York, NY 10016

Steven Ferguson

Telephone: 212-591-7374


Government contracting:  ASME ST-LLC has the capability to pursue government funding and contracting opportunities related to the technologies in which ASME has demonstrated leadership and within which ASME has an established network of volunteers, contacts, and contractors.  Core products include:

  • Project Management
  • Engineering Management
  • Systems Integration
  • Convener and coordinator of project teams

Partnerships:  ASME ST-LLC is open to establishment of strategic partnerships and alliances, which may strengthen proposals and increase probability of awards.  Strategic partnerships will be mutually beneficial to partners with complementary core competencies.  ASME ST-LLC role in such partnerships may include:

  • Coordination of technology development projects supporting standardization of newly commercialized technology
  • Prime contractor
  • Project management and administration
  • Provide subcontracted experts to perform work
  • Provide for volunteer or paid peer review of products to validate research
  • Publish project results
  • Provide an international forum for workshops, seminars, and conferences
  • Training of government personnel
  • Coordination of joint industry projects
  • Coordination of technology demonstrations
  • Provide a forum to help with all forms of peer review including external review, quality review, and measuring performance against targets.

Collaborative Research:  ASME ST-LLC offers a vehicle to allow collaborative research and development projects.  These joint investment projects with multiple sponsors allow individual contributors to realize the large benefits of research with a comparatively small financial commitment.  Coordination of research work minimizes unnecessary duplication among separate organizations.  In this way industry maximizes the return while minimizing investment.

Pre-standards Projects:  There has been an identified need within the government and industry for an increased responsiveness of the standards development community toward emerging technology needs.  Standardization is now viewed as necessary to enable commercialization of new technology, and the current trend in standards development is to develop standards prior to or in parallel with development and commercialization of new technologies.  ASME ST-LLC can develop pre-standardization products such as guidance, state of the art, and best practice documents.  Pre-standard products may also include coordination of peer review and development of technical reports.

Industry Consortia Standards:  When the need exists, ASME ST-LLC can provide a means by which industry can rapidly develop guidelines for the use of a group of companies (consortia).   Although not always required, ASME ST-LLC industry and consortia standards may utilize a consensus process.

Technical Support of Standards Implementation:  ASME ST-LLC can provide support to industry in implementing new or revised standards.  This support can take many forms and would be a means for industry, especially small and medium sized enterprises, to realize significant cost savings over time.  Some initial products and services include

  • Instructional courses/media
  • Development of criteria documents
  • Guidelines and/or consulting for integration of standards into business operations
  • Links to software products dealing with the application of standards

Publications:  ASME ST-LLC will publish documents resulting from ASME ST-LLC projects in order to facilitate the dissemination and application of market-relevant engineering knowledge worldwide.  Documents will be published in hardcopy and electronic format.  Initial products include ASME ST-LLC Bulletins.

Workshops and Seminars:  ASME ST-LLC will coordinate and participate in workshops and seminars related to ASME ST-LLC projects to facilitate the development, dissemination and application of market-relevant engineering knowledge worldwide.